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With our vast experience in a wide range of vehicles & products, we can advise & provide you the best parts & services available.
Our aim is to increase your cars performance & your driving pleasure either for road or the racetrack.   

Specialising in;  

Spring & Shockabsorber Upgrades To Full Suspension Programs.  

Full Suspension Restoration Service.

Full Chassis Set Up (corner balancing & wheel alignment service). 

Brake Maintenance & High Performance Upgrades. 

Race Car & Motorsport Preparation.

Race Track Support, Supersprint, Drivedays & Private Test Days.

The Road To Performance Handling

Basic Suspension Improvements Ensure all joints, bushes and components are in good order. Check the condition of the shock absorbers and set wheel alignment to optimum settings. Fit quality brake pads after inspecting the brake rotors for wear. Bleed system with fresh brake fluid.

Stage 1 Upgrade (Modifications for Road and Sport) 

Basic Improvements plus the following: Replace the current springs to lower the centre of gravity,fit sport shock absorbers to match. Upgrade some of the "High Load" bushes to harder material and fit larger sway bars.

Stage 2 Upgrade (Modifications for Road, Club and Circuit Racing)

Basic Improvements plus the following: Fit coil over adjustable height spring and shock absorber kit and adjustable sway bars. Improve bushings and fit chassis bracings (if required). Modify wheel alignment settings to increase grip for track use.

Stage 3 Upgrade (Modifications for Club and Circuit Racing only)

Upgrade all suspension pivots and crossmember mountings (if applicable) Fit roll cage and pickup suspension load points. Once this is done, springs and shock absorbers of a true race standard can be fitted. These items, sometimes have to be custom made, so check your budget before you start.